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Tom Middleton is an award winning wildlife photographer with a keen interest in science and conservation. His nature photos have appeared in a wide variety of newspapers, online articles, magazines, posters, books and other publications. Tom's photos are widely used by the local scientific community as a descriptive enhancement for talks, papers and publications.

Tom is one of the founding directors of the Pacific WildLife Foundation, The Pacific WildLife Foundation is a non-profit coastal and marine research and education society  that inspires an appreciation for objective scientific research and conservation of the ocean. They conduct original research, develop novel education programs, and inspire an appreciation for conservation of the ocean. Tom contributes his photographs to PWLF projects and designs and maintains the Foundation website. He also owns and runs a popular conservation website, one of the very first of such websites to appear online. The site aims to educate and promote various environmental concerns from eco-living to aiding the worlds critically endangered species.

My camera takes me to many places that are thrillingly wild, whether that is just outside my front door or on a secluded islet along the rugged Pacific Coast. These places never cease to amaze and inspire me and to be able capture a piece through my camera lens means those moments carry on. The Pacific WildLife Foundation's mission is to education and promote conservation of our oceans through science and I am proud to be part of this worthy cause. Let's conserve are wild areas, take only photographs and leave only footprints.

                                               - Tom Middleton









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